You want to freshen up your child, however the thought makes you cringe because of the uphill task that it is? Worry not and learn how you can creatively have an enjoyable bath time fun without bath time struggles with toys plus other fun activities for an awesome plunge in the bath tub for kids. That may be all you need to your rescue.

Though bath time is mostly a struggle in the formative years of a child, this however fades away as a child develops, and the frustrating soap-dodging replaced with enjoyable hard, fun water splashing.

That said, even in those early years when it’s almost impossible to enjoy bath time, being a little creative and making that time adventurous to the child can make the transition very smooth, and bath time, a time to look forward to.

Here, I share some practical and easy application fun activities in the bath tub and toys to make your look forward to a warm fun bath time.

Why you don’t have bath time fun without bath time struggles?

Your child will learn to enjoy bath time, just like all other trainings you have successfully undertaken in his early life. As such, to understand how to experience end bath time fun without bath time struggles, I recommend that you first get to know some of the reasons why kids hate bath time. These include;

  1. Fear of unpleasant past experiences.

If a child has experience something that caused him pain, discomfort or even frightened him, that experience is etched in the brain. Subsequently, he will more often than not relate bath time with that.

Some of the experiences could include; a slip in the tub, soap getting into the eyes among others.

  1. Adjustment or transition challenge.

The child is highly engaged in a fun activity. While at it, you are whisking him away to that bath tub. Guess what, it surely will result in the unnecessary bath time struggle.

You need to prepare your child in advance that it’s almost bath time. With that, they are able to transition from the current engagements to the bath room reality.

  1. Events association problem.

Children are masters of associating experiences with events. If an experience precedes a particular event repeatedly, it’s imprinted on their brains. Consequently, if they don’t like the event, the child will resist experiences that lead. The reverse is also true.

Mostly, bath time precedes bed time. As such, is the child doesn’t want to be hurled to bed soon after showering, he will resist having a bath to avoid going to bed.

  1. Sensory sensitivities.

Children are very sensitive and their sensory receptors develop as they age. They are sensitive to touch, noise, heat among other.

As such, gashing water noises in tub may make the child uneasy. You could sort this by filling up the tub before, the get the child in.

Likewise, warmed water touching their bodies may also make a child sensitive and even uncomfortable. Why not tickle and playfully have the child sit in the tub as the water fills in. Meanwhile, the water is swirling round and tickling him too. Eventually, he will like it.

How you handle the sensory sensitivities may determine how fun the bath time will be.

Easy “dos” to have fun bath time;

Guess what, bath time shouldn’t be the hardest part of the day, both for you and your kid. With splish-splashing games in the bathtub, you can change that. However, a little bit of preparation is needed; kind of low key project preparation. Funny!!

  • Do mental preparation,

Adorpt some sort of a “fun ritual” like fun memorable chant, jingle or song as a way of sounding a preparation alarm that, “hey, it’s about time we have fun in the tub”.

This will mentally alert the child it’s almost that time, hence able to psychologically transition (according to children therapists’) from what they are currently engaged on. Anywhere between 10 – 15 minutes is enough lag time to windup.

If you make this a fun routine, you are on your way to tackling your nightmare on how to make kids love bath time to stop bath time struggles smoothly.

  • Add colour tricks in the tub,

Coloured bubble bath is one fun way of making your child enjoy and have fun in the tub. Make colorful foam for a great sensory bath, especially if you can add some scented essential oils for that soothing effect.

Bath bombs/drops and food colour can help to make the colour effect without staining your bath. If he can help choose those he like, even better. What an experience that is; he won’t want to leave the tub.

Here is a quick and easy fix of coloured soap foam:

What you need to have;

  • Normal dish soap; even better if you can get organic bubble bath solution,
  • Choice Food colour. Liquid water colour could also do. Have the kid choose multiple colours for added variety.
  • Dependent on the amount you want to prepare.
  • A mixing bowl, measuring cup and a table spoon


  • Scoop and add 2 – 3 table spoons of dish soap in your clean mixing bowl.
  • Use the measuring cup for the desired volume of water and add to the mixing bowl.
  • Add a few drops of food colour or liquid water colour to the mixture.
  • You can add either scented essential oils (like vanilla) or a few drops mild child friendly perfume. However, these are optional.  
  • Mix for about 3 – 5 minutes. A high speed hand mixer will do an excellent job.
  • Pour in a good squeeze bottle or container and repeat for variety in colours.
  • Be creative and artistic,

It’s time to allow the mess with fun art and creativity in the bath room. While the child sits on the tub, he can have fun scribbling on the tub floor and walls with bath crayons and bath paints.

Their creativity is unleashed as they enjoy a bath. However, I can guarantee it can get real messy. The good thing though is, it’s erasable and a clean wall will be there for tomorrow’s session. You could also bring in glow sticks to light up the bathroom differently. The reflections on the water are awesome to the kid’s eye.

  • Bring the toy world to the bathroom,

Smuggle accessories that excite the child to the bath tub to make it more enjoyable. In any case, his waterproof toys are his playmates. What’s the problem if they accompanied him for the dip? Not that the toys would mind it. Even better, have the child bath the toys and dolls while you scrub on them.

The child can play the “lifeguard hero” to save the drowning toys. He can also be the one to determine “how good” you’ll bath him by how well he baths the toy. Use silicone toy bath scrubbers to scrub the toys. This will entice him to take time scrubbing on the toy while you scrubbing on him too.

All this fun and adventure make it all exciting to the child. Don’t be surprised when the struggle shifts to refusing to leave the bath tub, just because of how fun it is in there.

Some of the best toys to light up bath time include:

  • Ocean animal packs. A good collection of “plastic marine life”. They are able to identify with the animals they see on screen. Just have them in the tub as the ocean and have the child play with them.
  • Magnetic bath fishing toys. Just a set of brightly multi-coloured sea life replicas and a fishing hook. While you scrub on him, he is distracted with “fishing”. Guess what, you are incredibly assured of bath time fun with magnetic fishing bath toy. 
  • Sea copter. The copter will be floating in the bath water waves as the child is enjoying the bath. Why will he not look forward to the next bath time without struggle?
  • Ferry boat. Same as the copter, it will be floating in the waves. However, you can scoop bath water and pour it on the child, just to add the thrill.

What is a good toy for that bath time fun?

Not every toy is ideal for the tub.

  • Should be water proof. You don’t want a toy that is absorbent and retains water. Should be one that it dries up easily by wiping. Wetness retention means it providing room for molds and bacteria to inhabit and thrive, which is risky for the child’s health.
  • Should be multipurposed. It is a toy after all. It should be usable both in and outside the bath tub.
  • Non character dependent. That’s a toy that a child can’t tie down to his favorite character on screen. It’s an open-ended toy. As he grows, the child will definitely outgrow attraction to the character as is normal with age and phases. Have a toy that will still attract a child even as age advances.

Besides ensuring bath time fun with magnetic fishing bath toy and other fun activities, some other really good accessories that you could have at your corner during bath time could also include;

  • A warm fuzzy bath robe or towel. You may succeed to mentally prepare the child for the bath and is already. However, on dressing down, the sudden cool or even cold breeze may make him chicken out. Immediately wrap the child while the morale is still on.
  • The itchy soapy water getting in the child’s eye is a deal breaker. It can change the atmosphere instantly ruining what would have been a rather enjoyable bath time.

To prevent that, invest in a bath visor to stop soapy water trickling down to the eyes from the hair. A dry face towel can be within reach and in the child’s sight. Mentally, it’s an assurance that soapy water won’t “burn” his eyes.

Conclusion: Children respond differently to bath time. That said however, the important thing is your search on how have that bath time fun without bath time struggles can now end. The key is, understand what works best for your child.

What worked today may not necessarily work tomorrow.

Why not explore and help the jump off to the deep end of the tub?









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