The COVID-19 is causing the world stress, anxiety and inevitable lock-down, subsequently forcing parents and guardians to work from home, some will definitely be struggling with interruptions while working from home and definitely would do with some novel and inexpensive indoor activities to keep children busy during this mayhem.

While you see it as an unwelcome disruption, it unfortunately cannot be said to be true to your school going children. And why would it not be welcome them when they are not being rushed to finish their breakfast because the school bus is a few blocks away? This is just as an early vacation.

Unfortunately, there will be no travelling this time round. They will have to enjoy their vacation indoors with a possibility of minimal interaction even with their friends and neighbors. It may not be long before the vacation turns boring. But hey, you can save the day.


Must do before employing the inexpensive indoor activities to keep children busy;

It’s highly recommended that you take time to educate your child in a language they will understand;

  • What is Coronavirus?
  • Why it is dangerous to them and everyone in the family,
  • The symptoms to look out for and report once they note any,
  • Easy methods to remember and apply to prevent contraction and spreading the disease like;
  • Properly washing their hands with soap and water,
  • How to cough or sneeze to their elbow,
  • Explain to the child while they will not be going out to the pack or playing with many friends

One of the best source of this information is your government’s briefs. What about you pay the concerned department’s website and publications!!!

To maintain your sanity and be able to be optimally productive from home, here are some fun tricks to help you and your child ride this storm all happy and fun. They are engaging, exciting and inexpensive;


  1. Structure a daily routine and follow through;

For them to own and appreciate it and not feel dictated on them as with school, jointly agree on a daily routine. Let them acknowledge that you need to work from home while they should also continue with their studies because it not vacation time yet.

It should detail waking up time, study time, break time, meals time and play time. As a result, you will have gotten yourself one of effective inexpensive indoor activities to keep children entertained and motivated while you work optimally. It would help if the routine would mirror the school one.


  1. Cut on screen time and encourage online learning 

Instead of wasting the whole day on the screen for entertainment while it’s not vacation time yet, online learning materials will offer a captivating means of keeping the child constructively engaged. Where possible, engage the teacher for useful and relevant study resources.

The challenge here is the maintaining the discipline of the child to keep at it without being distracted. Breaks will help restore concentration. You could have fun games online to make the time even more captivating.


  1. Time to do homeschooling;

Am sure you know those not too difficult subjects and topics that you can comfortably handle at home. See, those areas you feel the child is not doing too well in school and needs a little bit of attention? This is the time to explore even things that you don’t ordinarily do.

Get to know the child’s areas of interests and fascinations and get books in that field. It’s time to have a new look at the home library and it’s wealth of material.  A new book creates interest and raises a child’s enthusiasm.

You could read together, listen to audio books, read fiction and more. To gauge and ensure they are actually reading, you can demand that the child writes a short synopsis of the book they have read. This will definitely help in information retention. However, your showing of interest in what they are reading will go a long way in encouraging them.

  1. Doing games, art and craft

Remember the daily routine program? There is the play break. It’s now time to break the monotony of staying on books. Puzzles and jigsaw are great to help children challenge themselves. Board and card games are also great for their mental exercising to keep their mind focused.

Make internet a resource for creative activities, learn how one can teach what to draw and how to. Colouring books and water colours for painting will keep them engaged. Subsequently, you have time to work with minimal interruptions.


  1. Time for Hobbies

The uncertainty of the duration of the lock-down leaves us staring at a lot of free time which time which may not be fully utilized by being buried in books. Being mostly indoors and off parks, the many long days can turn frustratingly boring.

As such, it’s a good time to work on the child’s hobbies and interests. This could include learning or perfecting playing musical instruments, trying out doodling, practice writing and many others.


  1. Helping with chores around the house.

How about having them engaged in tending the garden, a few repairs around, learning how to cooking by lending a hand in the kitchen. The older children can teach the younger ones on other skills they are trying to learn which they have themselves learnt.


In conclusion, whatever you do, just watch out that there is no idle time. These inexpensive indoor activities to keep children busy will amazingly help both you and the children actively and productive while the world awaits return to normalcy.






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