Can you naturally stop snoring with corrective anti snoring sleeping pillows, how effective are they, are they any different from normal pillows and how can they stop your snoring problem? These are possibly questions you are having and seeking answers for.

Yes, any pillow can offer head rest while sleeping and yes, pillows form part of our bedding. They make our beds cosy while offering that most desired comfort for a good rest. However, while we mean to enjoy our rest uninterrupted, we may sometimes be irritating our partners or roommates with our snoring.

Worse still, the snoring may be interrupting our sleep in-case of breathing problems, such that we have to keep on waking up to re-position.

Luckily, researches and advancement in technology have led to manufacture of pillows that can be part of our natural and non-surgical anti-snoring resources.

They offer a most efficient and comfortable position for resting and for easier breathing in sleep. Unlike other anti-snoring devices; say, mouth guards or chin straps that are not always easily wearable and and somewhat cumbersome, with pillows, all you need is to place and rest.

How it helps to naturally stop snoring with corrective anti snoring sleeping pillows;

From our article, “Six causes of snoring”, two of the common snoring causes are sleep position and stuffy/sinus congested nose.

For intervention on these two causes, researches’ exploits have led to invention of amazing anti-snoring pillows. These are effective, complementary and natural anti-snoring additions. Unlike other pillows, an effective anti-snoring pillow is a little firmer, to offer more head support.

  1. Sleeping position: Sleeping on your back has been proven to increase snoring. This is because, while sleeping, the throat muscles relax and turn limp end then drop backward. This results to blocking of the airway. Therefore, as air squeezes through the airway, it causes vibrations against the muscles. These vibrations  results to the snoring. As a such, anti-snoring pillows encourage side sleeping, a position that has proven to stop and/or reduced snoring.

Why you need the right pillow size;

When using a pillow, ensure that you get the right size, else, the intended purpose may not be achieved. Depending on the pillow size, 3 possible head positions could occur;

  • Neck on neutral alignment: The body is properly aligned from the knees, spine neck and head. This is when you are using the right sized a pillow resulting in “just the right head raise.At this position, no airway obstruction hence no snoring.
  • Upward angled neck: This is when the pillow is too high.
  • Downward angled neck: This is when the pillow is too low.

In both upward and downward angled neck position, the airway is obstructed constricting the airway. This results to snoring.

How anti-snoring pillow will improve your sleeping position?

From the explanation above, airways must be sufficiently unobstructed always when sleeping. This ensures easy flow of air in breathing. Therefore, proper body alignment for both the head and the neck must be ensured while sleeping. As such, an anti-snoring pillow will raise and fix the head at a comfortable position.

Some anti-snoring pillow brands come equipped with smart technology. They are fitted with sensors for monitoring the head position. Additionally, they are also enabled to detect slight snore sounds and vibrations too. With the inbuilt air chambers in the pillow, they cause inflation via gentle motions on the depressed part of the pillow.

This inflation  helps gently turns the head to a better position. They also stimulate the throat muscles ensuring continued normal breathing. This turning effect basically enables opening of the airways for unobstructed airflow and eventually stops snoring.

  1. Stuffy Sinus congested nose: Just like our other bedding, a pillow will definitely collect our dead skill cells as our head and neck generally rub on it. Other microorganisms collected include mold, fungus, pollen from outside, dust mites and their excrement’s, mildew among others. These microorganisms not only cause your pillow to have odors, but also trigger allergic reactions. The allergens and irritants result in respiratory infections and inflammation of nasal and throat linings. The inflammation is what eventually blocks the airways causing snores.

How anti-snoring pillow will help reduce sinus congestion?

A good and effective anti-snoring pillow is made of Hypoallergenic Materials; partly natural and man-made fibers. They range from latex, polyester, memory foam, gel foam among others. These materials naturally deter and repel allergens like dust mites from settling on them. They are NOT known to cause allergies. Compared to other complex invasive surgeries and advanced anti-snoring devices, these anti-snoring pillows score higher as a safer remedy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

What are the qualities of an Effective Anti-Snoring Pillow?

There are many of these anti-snoring pillows in the market. Therefore, you may need to take your time shopping around for a good one. Having established your specific requirements, the following qualities should be the be minimum for it to pass the test;

  • It should be made of hypoallergenic materials. This will validate the above discussed purpose.
  • It should be easy to wash and easily dry. Cleaning exercise shouldn’t be bothersome.
  • Noting that snoring is with you always, the pillow should be of easily portable size. This will enable you move with it as need be.
  • It should shaped to enable aligning of your head and shoulders. This alignment ensures an unobstructed airway.
  • It should be tailored in a way that it will fit and adapt to your body ergonomics while resting on it. Basically ensuring your safety and comfort.

Common types of effective anti-snoring pillows;

Anti-snoring pillows are generally grouped into the following categories;

Memory Foam pillow: This pillow has incredible ability for adapting to a person’s natural contours of both head and neck. As a result, they are very reliable in providing firm support of head and neck.

Wedge anti-snoring pillow: As the name suggests, the pillow is wedge shaped. It raises and comfortably supports, from upper back up to the head. This elevation of the head ensures that the limb and relaxed throat and tongue muscles don’t fall backward and obstruct the airway.

Contour pillow: Its uniqueness is in that; it has thicker and firmer edges with a concave depression in the middle. This shaping enables it to offer just the right alignment of the head and neck. As a result, the airways are unobstructed for easy air passage.

CPAP pillow: This comes in handy for those who use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. The cutaways on the side of the pillow offer space for CPAP masks and avoid the mask’s displacement. This improves comfort wearing CPAP mask.

Neck cervical support pillow: This pillow is very ideal when one has a less than normal curvature of the spine. It’s meant to cradle both neck and head and also ensures that no strains and spasms occur to the relaxed spine.

Main factors to consider in choosing an effective Anti-Snoring Pillow; 

In order to get the utmost value of an anti-snoring pillow, It is of critical importance to consider the following;

  1. Material Used: A wide range of materials is used. Material used ultimately determines usability as well as durability while in use. It should be able to retain the right form and shape in the course of use. Of critical importance, the anti-snoring pillow should be hypoallergenic. This makes them pollen and dust mite resistant and at the same time anti-bacterial.
  2. The Sleeping Position: Ones’ sleeping position can either reduce or enhance snoring chances. As such, the most prevalent position should be critical in determining the type and kind of the pillow to pick.

Preferred pillows for different positions;

  • Back Sleepers – Wedge or contoured pillows are recommended,
  • Side Sleepers – Neck cervical support and contoured pillows are preferred.
  1. A pillows’ Comfort-ability: Get reviews on comfort alongside evaluation on its ability to function and its design. This will help in avoiding other counter effects like causing spine dentures, backaches and pains.
  2. Cost and affordability: With adequate shopping around for the best anti-snoring pillow, there are good of such without costing an arm and a leg.
  3. Guarantee for support: Basically, a pillow’s work is to offer your back, head and neck good support for proper body alignment. This, as discussed above, ensures unobstructed airways. 
  4. Size of the pillow: A pillow should be of just the right size i.e. should not be too raised or low. Either of these positions caused by the pillow size will compromise the body’s alignment. This will not help achieve the anti-snoring results needed. Easy portability also matter for travelers.


The take-away is that one can naturally stop snoring with corrective anti snoring sleeping pillows. An effective anti-snoring pillow’s sole test of its functionality, design notwithstanding, is to keep the airways open and unobstructed when sleeping. With its enhancement of head and neck alignment, snoring is greatly reduced or eliminated. This is because, there are minimal or no vibrations of the relaxed and limp throat muscles as air squeeze through.

They are also less expensive and less risky forms of snoring solution unlike complex and invasive surgeries or even complex devices in the market.

They address and seek to minimize snoring causing factors but they in themselves don’t cure underling snoring conditions and disorders.


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