No parent would pass on any fun tricks to teach a child how to wear shoes on the right feet correctly by themselves. Isn’t it true that it’s sometimes a nightmare to teach a child how to wear shoes and on the right feet? Success in this helps to boost the child’s growing sense of self dependence as well as sense of accomplishment.

Amazingly, if it’s somewhat not unusual even to some adults to easily and quickly differentiate their left from their right, imagine what a challenge it is to children.

However, isn’t it a beautiful thing to behold when your child stutters around in their newest pair of shoes? The untold joy can only be likened to that of the baby having a good undisturbed and healthy sleep. (See read more about infant sleeping and how to have healthy sleep for yourself too). What’s funny is that, almost all children will have their shoes on the wrong feet always when they pull them on by themselves.

Easy and fun tricks to teach a child how to wear shoes on the right feet correctly;

Children are sometimes fussy and troublesome with an “I want to do it myself attitude” and end up putting shoes on the wrong feet. Consequently, you get frustrated. However, these fun tricks will come in handy and you will enjoy every step of it;

  1. Name and Tape Trick:

It’s a simple trick for the children who can at-least read their name.

  1. Beautifully write the child’s name on the tape (masking tape preferably).
  2. Cut the name in the middle and stick each half on the insole of the shoe in the readable order so that the child is able to read it easily.
  3. Having done that, teach him/her child to always first put the shoes together and read out the name.
  4. Having ensured he/she can read out the name correctly, stand behind the shoes and slip their feet to either side

If you help the child make that the routine before attempting to wear shoes anytime, the child will easily and gradually learn to differentiate their left from their right.


  1. The Butterfly Trick:

Unlike the name and tape trick that works well for the children that can at-least recognize and or read their names, you may not go far with a child that’s yet to know how to read. As such, the butterfly trick would be a good and easy trick;

  1. Draw a good image of a beautiful butterfly and stick or place it at a good place where your child keeps his/her shoes. This will help the child familiarize with the picture by seeing it every time he/she is picking shoes.
  2. Then draw a small version picture of the butterfly similar to the big image,
  3. Cut the small butterfly in the middle and stick each half on the insole of each shoe in a way that, when the shoes are put together correctly forms the complete image of a butterfly,
  4. Train the child to first put the shoes together to complete form the butterfly. Having done that, train the child to stand behind the shoes and only then slip their feet to the shoe on each side.

If this trick is followed strictly, well, if you as a parent commit to remember doing it always instead of just helping him or her, it’s easily a memorable trick that will work the magic.


  1. The Dot Trick:

This is another easy trick that can really work magic easily;

  1. Depending on the colour of the shoe, get a mark pen or indelible ink that is easily visible and easy on the eyes of the child and shade a dot on the outer side of the shoe where the pair touches each other when put together correctly. However, ensure that the colour will not deface the shoe; otherwise the child will not like it and subsequently won’t wear it.
  2. Put the shoes together correctly. Further, draw a beautiful and conspicuous dot at the same spot on either shoe. As a result, when the shoes are put together correctly, the dots should touch each other.
  3. Before wearing the shoes, train your child to always align them such that, the dots will on each shoe will always touch each other.
  4. The child can then slip on the shoe in front of each foot.


  1. Pointing arrows and Smiley Faces;

As with the above three tricks, pointing arrows and smileys faces are also awesome tricks. These are particularly fantastic with flip flops. This is because stickers may not hold for long due to the shoe’s material.

  1. Put the flip flops together correctly,
  2. Take a mark pen and draw an arrow on each side. However, ensure that the arrows are pointing to each other. Teach the child to always ensure that the arrows must point to each other before slipping their feet on.
  3. For the smiley face, draw on each side, an eye catching half of the face such that, when put together correctly, completes the smiley face. This will ensure that the child will never go wrong.


  1. Clipping Pegs;

Lastly, another of the easy and practical fun tricks of teaching a child how to wear shoes on the right feet correctly every time the child takes off their shoes always put them together correctly and use a peg to clip them together.

Consequently, when the child wants to wear them, he/she has to unclip the peg and slip on his/her feet in the shoes as they are placed. Done routinely, the child is able to identify the right shoe for each foot.

To ensure the success of these fun tricks of teaching a child on how to wear shoes on the right feet correctly, a parent must be ready to nicely withdraw their help when the child gets a little challenge with trick application but rather, help by ensuring continuous practice till.





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